Rental terms and conditions

It is important to know the terms under which the rental of a car from CRETA TOURS will take place. We assure you that our fleet is made up of new vehicles that are properly maintained to ensure you have the best tour around the island. 


The vehicle must not be used

 a) Οn unauthorized roads or off-road, b) When the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances, c) Τo tow other vehicles or objects, d) To rent to any third party, e) To transport hazardous or flammable objects, f) To carry more people than the number indicated on the license.  If the vehicle is used against the terms of the contract, the company has the right to cease this contract’s validity without any prior notice.

Collision damage Zero Excess

- The renter is not obligated to pay in case of an accident that is not responsible for. The renter is not covered by the insurance in the case of: driving the car off road and in unauthorized roads, causing a damage bellow the car is not covered by any insurance, in case the renter violates traffic laws, in case that the vehicle is taking part in unofficial races, road races, contests etc., in case the vehicle is driven from anybody disqualified to drive a car and from a non-registered driver in the contract, in case the vehicle is operated outside the contract period, in case the vehicle is willfully damaged by the renter.

Taxes Included

- 24% TAX is included in the price.


- In the event of accident (collision, fire, theft, etc.) the customer must notify the car rental company immediately, then a) the police, b) look for the accident information and testimonials, c) write and sign a full report on the accident, and d) not accept any third party claims. This should be done within 24 hours of the accident.

Scratches and small damage

- Screatches and small damage(dots, spots) within a reasonable size of maximum 20cm in lenght are free of charge!

Vehicle Condition

- The vehicle is delivered to the customer in good condition and free of visible defects. Any complaints must be submitted before the departure of the vehicle. If the customer wishes to extend the rental time, they must contact the company 48 hours before the expiration of this contract. During the rental period the customer is obliged to check the mechanical condition (oil, water) and to protect the car and the condition of the tires.

Flight Delays

- Not additional charges for flight delays.


- At the rental price of the car, you have the right to make as many kilometers as you want, without any extra charge.

Age of Driver

- The minimum age required to rent a vehicle is 23 years old and the drivers must hold a valid license for at least 5 years. European license is accepted but international license is required for the rest of the countries. Otherwise, please contact us.

Additional drivers

- You can add one additional driver per vehicle free of charge.

Free Services

- We provide you with child/baby seats of all sizes for the safe transport of your family. Also a free map of the whole island.

Key Loss

If the key of the vehicle is lost, the charge is 150 euro.

Geographical Restrictions

- The delivery and return of our company's cars can take place at any airport, harbor, hotel on the island. CRETA TOURS vehicles cannot be transported outside of the island of Crete without the written consent of the company.

Last Minute Reservations

- In case you want to make a last minute booking you can contact us to inform you about availability at our office. The company reserves the right, depending on the availability, to provide a different type of car to the original booking of a corresponding, or of higher category.

Cancellation Policy

- Canceling your reservation is free, please let us know atleast 3 days in advance. E-mail us for cancellation with your booking number and your name or use the automated system in our website.

Fuel Policy

Option 1: Collect full return empty. Renter can pay the additional cost in our website and he will receive the car with a full tank . Car then can be returned empty.

Option 2: Return as collected. Renter has to return the car at the same level as it was when he picked the car, which will be indicated in the contract. Otherwise, there will be a charge based on the current fuel price.

Traffic Violations

- Any violation of the Greek traffic law (illegal parking, speed tickets etc) and the fines that come with it is the renter’s responsibility. A copy of our contract will be provided to the Police department with all the renters information if requested by the Police.

Theft protection

- The renter is insured in case of the vehicle being is stolen, unless the theft arises due to negligence. Stolen personal belongings are not covered by any insurance.

Personal Belongings

- The car hire company cannot be held responsible for the customer’s losing any personal belongings either left or abandoned on board.

Payment methods

CRETA TOURS accepts payments via credit or debit card Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Paypal and cash on the arrival.

Vehicle damage without accident 

- In the event of damage to the car due to off road driving, water, sand, the customer is liable to paying for the damage. Also, if the renter does not tie the vehicle's parking brake, any damage to the vehicle will be paid by him.

Tire Damages

In the case of tire damage, there is no insurance coverage and the customer has the obligation to repair it always in agreement with the company.

Vehicle interior

- Any damage inside the car will be paid by the customer.

Vehicle replacement

- In case of accident or breakdown the car will be replaced within 24 hours from the incident. If the breakdown or the accident was against the terms and conditions, we have the right to deny replacement


These Terms and Conditions as well as the Prices therein can be changed at the discretion of CRETA TOURS without prior notice.

Any and every dispute that may arise between the parties to a rental agreement covered by these Terms and Conditions is under the jurisdiction of courts of Chania.


Peugeot 108
from 25
5 Doors
4 Persons
1 Large Bag
1 Small Bag
Volkswagen Up
from 25
5 Doors
4 Persons
1 Large Bag
1 Small Bag
Fiat Panda
from 27
5 Doors
4 Persons
1 Large Bag
1 Small Bag


100% Full Insurance included in the price.

No hidden costs!

The price that you book is the price that you pay!

Multiple Locations

We offer you pick your car from the closest to you spot.

Road Assistance

24/7 road assistance and replacement of vehicle.